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This webpage is dedicated to learning subjects concerning civil engineering.  Main target group is bachelor students Civil Engineering. But I hope that everybody, who has to do with Civil Engineering will find this website useful. This website is still under construction.

This website contains of three parts.
1. A series of web lectures. At this moment most of the lectures have to do with fluid dynamics. But there’s also a series of articles for example. In the future this website will cover all subjects which has to do with civil engineering.
2. The possibility to make online exercises. I made a moodle (digital learning environment) website with a lot of exercises. see You will get immediately feedback if your answers are wrong or correct. To get access you need to make  an free account.
3. There is also going to be a 3D environment where you can experience the civil engineering subjects. This part is in an experimental stage at this moment. To get to this 3D world you have to login in the moodle website.

There are several reasons for me for building this website.
-Education should be free for everybody. All the tools I use are open source, it is not necessary to buy expensive systems.
-Why should all those civil engineering programs have their own education systems? it’s not efficient.
-Civil engineering has to do with math. To learn civil engineering, just like math, you have to do a lot of exercising. Making exercises which are not to simple and not to complex. Every-time brain research shows the importance of exercising. Of you want to know more follow the MOOC

I am a civil engineer. I have 12 years of experience at Consulting Consulting agencies, 5 years at a municipality, and the last 14 years I have been a lecturer at bachelor universities. In 2015 I even finished a master on learning and innovation.


Greetings from the Netherlands
Henk Massink

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